Maureen – Tairua, New Zealand

I used to suffer from digestive problems such as acid reflux, heart burn and excessive burping. My gut flora was so out of balance. After two weeks of regularly taking this probiotic superfood I found that I did not need to take the prescribed pharmaceutical drug Losec any longer. I also can say that I have been taking this probiotic formula for eight years and have not had one sick day in the whole eight years. I find my immune system is very strong and has been able to resist even the common cold.

Anonymous – New Zealand

I have had IBS at different times and suffer from constipation and bloating.  I committed to Boost Biotics by taking it 3 times a day for one month.  My bloating went down quickly and my energy levels rose.  I was able to enjoy foods more but maintained a strict diet of fresh produce.  I have now adopted the probiotics as part of my diet and continue to reap the benefits including high energy levels and healthy bowel movements.

Alia – Thames, New Zealand

Boost Biotics gives quick and remarkable results.  Not only do I feel better when I take it, but I love what it does for my skin, hair and eyes.  It’s perfect for the whole family and I don’t worry so much if my children are fussy at mealtimes, knowing they are getting a power punch of nutritional goodness daily.  If only doctors prescribed this!

Kirsten Donovan – Naturopath

I found this product to be extremely comprehensive in the ingredients that it offered and took it myself for ongoing digestive issues.  I found that when I made Boost Biotics part of my morning routine, my bowels seemed more regular and I did not get any of the colds or stomach bugs that were going around.  I am aware of a definite lack of probiotic foods in my family’s diet and I think this product is an awesome whole food addition to our nutrition plan.  I also love that it is dairy free as my husband and myself cannot tolerate dairy products.

A great all round boost for digestive and immune health. 

Kelly Towers – Tairua, New Zealand

- My gastrointestinal tract is able to digest food quicker leaving my body feeling lighter.

- Decreases sluggishness quickly!

Anita van Doorn – Tairua, New Zealand

My gut feels much more comfortable.  I no longer seem to have the same intolerance to products containing wheat and gluten.

Anonymous – New Zealand

Easy to take and I was amazed at how much my body needed this!